Men have been told what it takes to qualify, but LADIES, how do you KEEP the love of the man you want? How do you go about KEEPing a man?


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  • Keeping his love? Lol he's free to walk away anytime he wants. I don't keep prisoners/slaves. If he grows out of love, I will point him to the door.


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  • To me the traditional way is to move into the guy's house, start taking care of him (even though he was doing perfectly fine before) until he grows utterly dependent on her to do anything. At that point, she can be like, "You can't do anything without me you lazy slob!" And the guy is like, "Hmm, actually she's right. I thought I remembered a time when I could do everything by myself, but that seems like a distant memory. Oh well, better keep her around!"

    The modern way to me is like look stunning, keep a trim figure, independent lifestyle, Brazilian wax, do mutual activities together and have a blast, and go crazy in the bedroom leaving the guy dazed.

    • Haha, you should watch Baby Cobra by Ali wong, she basically makes the exact same joke as your first paragraph

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  • That's a good question. A few points I can think off is :

    1. Make him feel special, and always have your eyes only for him.

    2. Never try to test him, never try to make him jealous on purpose using another guy or by any other means whatsoever.

    3. Don't be judgmental towards him, be considerate and understanding.

  • They put a leash on their man

    • Sometimes they also keep their balls in their purse, squeeze them when they're displeased as well.