Are girls as attracted to guys as guys are to girls?

well its obvious guys love girls, physically and emotionally but do girls like guys the same or only emotionally? If thats the case how come more girls aren't attracted to other girls with good personalities?
i know this question will sound stupid to a lot of u i just wanted your opinions xx.


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  • I don't think it's different for girls than guys. We are attracted to physical too, only you can't get it cause you're not gay. Guy's are physically attractive to girls similar way girls are to guys. Many girls are just not that opened about it.
    I don't think it has anything to do w the gender but individual. There are guys and girls that don't care about the looks. But all in all, I think everyone is attracted to the person - the way they are and the way all their characteristics mash (looks, brain, interests, personality etc.), everything matters

    • Thank you for your detailed response it means alot!:) so you believe in general guys and girls are equally attracted to each other?

    • in general guys and girls are equally attracted to each other - yes but in general we are all individual human beings. We divide so many things based on gender and put it in that box and it has nothing to do w gender but the kind/type of person you are. But I think looks are important to everyone to the certain degree, meaning that the person lookwise looks acceptable to you, whatever that means, tastes are different.
      I have answered here what is physically atracttive to girls about guy if you are interested:

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  • Rule of thumbs:
    Girls area attracted for what you can do for them more so than you as the person.

    Guy are often attracted more so to the person and who they are.

    It's for this reason men will love a woman who has very little to offer but her charm, beauty, and personality.

    Women on the other hand will only love you if you can provide for them, entertain them, and do things for them.


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  • Yes we are attracted to guys both physically and emotionally.

    • What are your opinions of what the guys in this below are saying? Agree disagress, partially? Th for your response by the way its appreciated!:)

    • I don't agree but I don't disagree either I mean some of the stuff their saying is true however not every girl is like that I guess you gotta find the right one.

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  • i dont think so. girls are more attracted to a projected fantasy about how a guy may or may not be, guys tends to project their fantasies after they met the girl

    • Actual girls attraction for men is always based on a fantasy and expectation they have of men. Women are attracted of the fantasy they have in the head of you based on your physical self, and mannerism. Break from this and the fantasy goes away and so to their interest in you.

      For example - A guy walks in with a nice fancy suit, and women might think he's some big shot guy making over 100k/year. They go up and talk to him and he tells her he works a 9-5 making about 50k/year as an office clerk and her pussy dries up and so to would her interest.

    • @JustheretoChill that's what im trying to say. and its not normal, tho

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