Should I be suspicious?

So I have been long distance dating someone for 3-4months. We made plans to see each other in January when we are both free from school. In the beginning we used to video chat like 3-4 times a week and actually talk. One day he got really upset at me because I wasn't in the mood to be naughty on the video chat. He hung up on me and didn't contact me back until I hit him up. He kept apologizing and I accepted it. Now lately we haven't video chatted since that day and on Instagram I see that he's following a bunch of new girls, not celebrities or high follower girls but regular girls. He likes tons of their pics and they like his back. He comments under some girls pictures and I found his ex liking his pictures lately aswell. I feel like he's talking to other girls to satisfy him now. I talked to him about the lack of communication and he didn't see a problem with it. So should I be suspicious and cut him off?


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  • I wouldn't trust his hoe ass. Dump him like a hot potato

  • Its naive to ignore changes in someone's behaviour towards you. It's more difficult to see through peoples lies and deceit online , so it's best to go with your gut and end it if you start feeling he can't be trusted.

    Most people online pursue others too. You probably won't be exclusive to him.