Girls: Is being a musician a checkmark in the boyfriend material box?

I'm a musician. This is a question I've always wondered about so I thought I'd ask. Is being a musician a good quality to girls?

I Sing, and Rap.

Instruments I play:
Alto Sax
Tenor Sax
and Tuba

I don't play woodwind and brass instruments very much anymore but my clarinet from high-school is responsible for my mild addiction to the taste of bamboo. It's strange I know but ask any Jazz music artist and they'll agree.

Thanks for your opinion people!



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Most recent chorus I wrote:
If someone told me that I'd get this far
If someone told me I'd convince the weak to fight
If someone told me that I'd change the lives of many
With my music I'd've called 'em crazy and to leave my sight
If someone told me that my life would be an everlasting dream
Well then I wouldn't wanna wake
When I lack the drive, remind me what I'm fighting for
I rely on you, can't trust myself
So I reside in yours


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  • It's a big plus for me, that's for sure. I play flute and guitar, and a bit of piano. Also a tiny bit of sax since the fingerings are identical except for two notes. I wish I could be an accomplished multi instrumentalist, but it's hard to master several instruments successfully and maintain that skill. I'm already married to an accomplished pianist and violinist, and I like that we can play and perform together as a duet.

    If I was dating again, I would prefer that he's also a classical musician like me. Jazz or rock is cool too since I can play those on guitar, and I'm really familiar with the music. It's a great hobby that we can enjoy together.

    • That's cool! Lindsay Sterling is my personal hero! I got to meet her once. She signed my violin case ^_^

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  • It's not on the list of requirements. I don't find the ability to make music to be particularly attractive. I'm a musician. It's not that great.

    My boyfriend happens to play the string bass. This attribute wasn't considered when deciding to date him or not. It's just something that he does.

  • Ehh, it's not unattractive but it's not really attractive either.

  • if anything its a negative. amazing talents but ur not gonna wanna sit at home with me are you?

    • I don't sit at home no. I prefer to play in my free time. If you'd want to come to the studio and watch me play and record go ahead but it doesn't dominate my life.

  • I'm a musician too... But I don't see it as good nor bad.

  • It's not a checkmark in the box but it's not an x either.

    • Care to explain?

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    • Thanks for clearing that up! :)

  • It's not a requirement but it would be great to have a boyfriend who loves music as much as I do.

    • I don't "love" music. I make music. There's a difference. I don't really listen to any music but my own. If I have ear phones in I'm proof listening to a new song or getting a new beat stuck in my head so I can practice later.

  • If you're the douche with the guitar type no, everything else yes. Who can deny music :)

    • What makes a guitar player a douche? I prefer to play violin personally. I guess that'd make me a violin douche?

    • No lol there's the stereo typical dude who plays the guitar (and isn't amazing at it) and gets all the ladies because of it but he's a total douche lol. But I don't think you're one :p

    • Well I'm gonna call myself a Violin Douche. I think people will look at me sideways and I'll get a laugh out of it.

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