From saying to have a boyfriend to pretending to be a different nationality what have you tried to deter a guy and his interest?

sometimes they seem ok then you get to know them, other times no isn't enough.


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  • Chuckle. I've heard the one abut having a boyfriend many times. But I haven't heard about girls pretending to be a different nationality! To keep guys away.

    Could I ask what nationality you PRETEND to be, and what you actually are?


    • loads of nationalities, I'm Caucasian and European so have a number of countries. people never guess the right country I am from anyway so I put on an accent and I'm off the hook in no time. all I have to say is that I don't speak English and walk away.

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    • From now on I'll not accept any 'I don't speak English' from girls!

    • Thanks for the MH, O, you. Minx

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  • Saying I have a boyfriend is the ultimate one. When I was single I used to always tell guys I had a boyfriend. And I could prove it! I had one friend that was the best fake boyfriend ever! hahahaha

  • Why would anyone pretend to be a different nationality? What's the purpose of that? I do not understand it. It makes no sense at all.

    • I think it means like "'m only here for one weekend... Can't hang out with you" or something like that? I don't know

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