Guy asked me to be his girlfriend and is now avoiding me?

This guy poured his heart out to me and asked me to be his girlfriend. Told me he was nervous to open up again but thinks I am worth the risk. I told him ok, we can be a couple. We were supposed to go out that same day after talking on the phone until 4am, but the event was such short notice, my car wasn't working and I was tired. I told him no and I was stressed out. I suggested until I get my life together we can not be boyfriend and girlfriend. He said no he wants to ride this out with me even at my lowest point. However, through out the day he slowly stopped contacting me. Then he avoided me. I saw the next morning when I wake up that he's at karaoke with some other girls and he was active on tinder the same day. I'm a bit heart broken and shocked. I'm not sure what to do right now. You ask me to be your girlfriend and then this happens... What do I do? Do I just disappear or confront him?


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  • It sounds as if NEITHR of you is needing anythng but a little companionship now. Why not agree to be casual friend?

    • He has pretty of companionship with other girls it seems.
      I opened up to him and he opened up to me.
      I told him he made me feel safe and I normally don't trust people, but I'm going to trust him.
      That's when he stopped contacting me during the day.
      I called him so we could make plants to hangout the next day.
      But he avoided me and thats when I saw he was at karaoke with other girls.
      I don't know if he's doing this intentionally or if he's scared but I'm definitely hurt because I thought I could trust him.

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  • Lol, why are you heart-broken and shocked? You rejected him. What was he supposed to do? Cry his heart out in his apartment? Jeez... some people..