Should I text him?

This guy, who first date a girl I know, has always seemed interested in me and I have been interested in him. He was ofc off the list when he still dated the girl. They broke up two years ago and I haven't seen him since then. Until a few days ago.

He actually had asked me out one time before but then I thought it would only cause trouble and thought it would be weird. But this time I was too curious to say no and went to see him.

He was glad to see me and I felt there was a chemistry between us that I hadn't felt for a while. I just couldn't help to think that maybe it was weird for him, because I am still in contact with his ex. Not that we are friends.
He gave me his jacket and he hugged me a few times before he let me go and said he will want to meet again a better time to get his jacket back. He also said that the jacket was a special jacket and showed/explained me why. It was kinda romantic.

Now I haven't heard from him and I wonder if I should text him or do you think he will text me if he is still interested?

  • Text him.
  • He will text you if he is interested
  • He would have texted you already
  • Other
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  • Lol yea. The jacket is a classic move, an excuse to get in touch with a girl later without seeming "creepy".

    • Haha, the jacket is a class and I love it. It makes a weird date seem weird in a good way. It makes a difference, yeah.

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  • Just go for it. What's the worst that can happen? He might even appreciate a text from you showing that you are interested. Maybe he is too nervous to text you about his feelings. You'll never know if you don't give it a try.

    • Haha he probably has no serious feelings yet, but I thought he could maybe text me anything to just keep contact. You are right I should just text him... he might show his interest im some other way.

  • Sure just go text him ASAP :) ;)


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