I don't understand women sometimes. Ladies help with this please?

I've been seeing this girl at events for 3 years.. Were linked through our families. We stare at each other and it's obvious we like each other. But we never ever speak. I said bye to her last week at an event to try and break the ice.. She said bye back and a week later she sent me a message on Facebook saying these exact words " ok so here's the thing... I added you on fb but chickened out and cancelled it 😕"

Why did she do that?
Was she nervous?
Was that her way of hinting that she likes me?

I didn't know what to say back so I read & ignored it.

It's been a few days... Do you think she thinks I don't like her now?



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  • You should definitely text her


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  • She said: "but chickened out and cancelled it". I'm sure this means she was nervous.

    So, please, do yourself a favor and talk to her. Don't regret later for something you could've done. You may not have a chance like this again soon.

    • She's very shy but what reason would she have to be nervous? Why not just add me and wait for me to accept?

    • You said yourself, she's very shy, this is probably the reason. If you do nothing about it I doubt it she will. Just don't go too fast, be friendly at first, try to make her feel comfortable talking to you, then you do more "advanced" things.