What should I write in the letter to my kind of boyfriend that he will receive when he gets to college after we say goodbye?

I think I'm in love with him, we've talked everyday for months and months and just this past month we finally went on an actual date and made out but he's going off to college so we are working on saying goodbye but haven't seen eachother and things are weird because I'm afraid of how strongly I feel for him. I want to write him a letter to give him either when I say goodbye right before he leaves or send it so his first mail is from me. What can I say in it that could just b friendly if he dosent want it but could make him re think everything and realize he wants to do distance? Please be nice and try to help me!


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  • tell him how you feel
    wish him good luck
    maybe tell a story about something special that you remember that occurred between the two of you

    • So basically don't ask for him to stay? Just say like I know u will do great things, u r such a good guy blah blah? I don't know how do I be flirty but not set myself up for failure? I might be going to the same college next year so we could try it out, I don't know it's hard! I've never felt like this b4.

    • yea tell him you know distance can be difficult but (explain how you feel) and then suggest that perhaps you two see how things go staying together

      but do know that often times relationships do end when the distance of being so far apart comes into play

  • I'm afraid most "off to college" relationships end like yours. Its sad briefly but life goes on. Eventually one of you would find someone else more "convenient". It's a thoughtful and mature request. Tell him you won't ever forget the times you had with him and you hope he remembers you as fondly as you do him. Should you ever cross paths in life, you will always be happy to see him, Thanks for being so kind

    • I like that, I will use a lot of that than you. It's just hard bc he was even my first kiss and I have liked him for so long and i might b going to the same college next year and technically we could see eachother every month this year

  • If i were you i wouldn't write a letter at all
    I know you're trying to be cute but itll most likley come off as creepy
    Not trying to be mean just trying to save you from yourself

    • No I appreciate your honesty, but I've always been so honest with him and I just really think we should keep in touch we could see eachother every month, I don't know I really like him so much

    • Just send him a text or call him

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