Girls/guy is this a good or bad thing? and would you be turn off if your gf/bf was like this?

Ok am the typle of guy that once I've falling for you.. i just can't keep my hands off of you. Meaning 90% of the time am with you i will be kissing you or silding my hands up n down your hips. I love taking photos of my girlfriend or with my girlfriend more then i do of myself. My new girlfriend doesn't seem to mind but gets annoyed sometimes since she gets turned on from too much kissing plus hates taking photos. So pretty much if i my hands or not on you something wrong or am really into what were doing at the time.

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  • I don't like clingy people

    • Am not clingy i can go days with out texting my girlfriend. I just like kissing her lol

  • Taking picture would annoy the hell out of me, but everything else is fine

    • Lol good good my girl says she likes it but does get annoying sometimes.

  • you let no air to breathe

    • Yes sometimes but i dont text or call her 247. We just kiss a lot in person working on it

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