Did she flake or telling the truth?

I was supposed to go out with girl tonight i texted her yesterday asking if she wanted to do something she said yes totally and then asked what i wanted to do i said dinner/ice cream and she replied DEAL!!! Texted her today asking if 6 was alright she said it should be i'll let you know i have a killer headache than 3 hours later she texted i can't make it i really dont feel well i texted her no problem i hope you feel better than no response. I want to believe her but she's done this 2 other times with different reasons i went out with her two times last week but i dont know if she is playing games or not its very hard to get a read with her she seemed into me last week but I don't know should i continue pursuing


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  • I think she flaked. Sorry.


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  • She's done this Shit three times? Why did you allow it? Why didn't you cease contact after the first time, or at worst, the second?

    She flaked.