How to be straightforward in this situation?

I've been talking to this guy and I spent the night this past weekend. We hung out and had sex and what not and the weekend was great. Suddenly he just stopped texting me back, makes me think he only wanted to have sex with me. He didn't act that way though, none of his actions would ever make me think that. I just want to be straightforward and ask him if he doesn't want to talk to me anymore and to just let me know, no hard feelings. I don't know if I should or how to say it.


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  • Well, if you are sure that his actions didn't indicate he only wanted sex with you, then in that case you should wait for sometime and see if he contacts you or makes any attempt to contact you. If he does then it's good, if he doesn't do that then it means he only used you for sex, and he played it perfectly so you wouldn't doubt him.

    • I just really want to confront him about it ya know. Like he texted me everyday all day. Why would he go through all that just to get me in bed? If he had mentioned all he wanted was sex no strings attached I would've still done it but would've prepared myself for the outcome and wouldn't have myself actually like him. I'm thinking maybe he didn't like me when he met me or something, I don't know. I would just really like a mature explanation.

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    • Sorry it posted twice for some reason

    • That's alright, you got my reply right?

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  • Sorry if this sounds too simple. But you kinda answered your own question. I believe he used you for Sex. You should wait it out for a while. If he doesn't try to contact you for a while or at all, there's your answer. If he does and wants to hang out with you again, don't have sex with him even if he tries. Make him wait a good while. If he stops talking to you right after he notices you want to wait, there's your answer. If he waits and has sex with you again, and doesn't contact you right after AGAIN, there's you answer.


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