That this can meant he doesn't want to talk anymore?

well i have benn friends with this guy for a while in may my best friend told him i talk about him so guess he knows I like him. I saw him once after that he was nervous but approachable after that i emailed him , he replied with some questions for me, i replied back wit some questions for him, he reply sounding very outgoing but with no questions said see ya and signing with his short name. I want to email him back bit since he dididnt answer questions I am wondering if he did that because he wants to cut the conversation. When you dont want to talk with a girl you stop asking questions but still sound friendly? Do you sometimes dont ask questions even if you want to keep talking?


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  • Maybe he just didn't feel like talking when you asked his those questions. You can try again.

    • He answered the questions, He just didn't asked me anything.

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  • Well, as far as I know when a person wants to stop talking to the other they not only stop asking questions but they also slowly stop being friendly, they slowly start losing interest overall.

    This is the general logic ( according to me) and so guys are no different, yes when they want to stop talking to the girl they definitely stop asking questions.

    • yes but what about if he is still very friendly , send smiles on their emails and seems very interested in what i told him.

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    • @swanrose06

      I also want to apologize for the delay, I was just occupied these days. My sincere apologies.

    • @serious Don't worry about it. I think that I understand now. Thank you

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