Is it more than a fling?

OK well we met 2 weeks ago... we talked all night and yes it lead to sex. He asked me if I wanted his number. I said yes and we exchanged numbers.

He stayed at my house the next night... then came to visit me on the Sunday during his break. We text everyday, he visits me every 2nd day on his breaks just to say Hi and always gives me a kiss goodbye.

He came to my house on Fri night again, Sat morning we went to the supermarket and he put his arm around me for the 30 min we were in there. He stayed Sat night as well (we didn't even have sex this night, just slept). Is this getting (slowly) serious or is it still just a fling.


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  • if you guys have sex every time he come over then yes its a fling. but from what I read it sounds like its more than a fling

    • No we haven't had sex every time... only twice, but he has slept over a total of 5 times in the 2 weeks.

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