reading the below messages , can you help cultivate a response, honestly I liked this girl now just starting to get annoyed and almost feel like saying get stuff and stop wasting my time... Anyway please comment below...
She takes like hours to respond , which in all honesty everyone is by their phone if I wanted to wait that long I'd send mail.

Also so the last response is short and cuts off. PLEASE READ THESE MESSAGES, would like help ?

When I went on a date she was fine but then dropped her of at the tram stop , she was like ok thanks you can go now


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  • If she takes days to text you back and it's cosistent behaviour , then you are wasting your time with her. A few hours is ok.

    I don't see any negativity in those messages though. So why do you think she isn't interested in you? She was very polite and even apologised for her late response

    • Yeah but everyone has there phone next to them and she seemed last week to always reply with another question and sounded happier ,

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  • Did she literally say you can go now? Haha. 1am.. does she have a fucked up schedule?

    • I'm at the point just saying ok all the best but I'm not going to bother with you anymore... Yeah she did , I wanted to go in for the kiss but their was too many people around

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    • Yeah was thinking the same thing , thanks dude

    • No worries, goodluck man!

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  • Wow! Huge delay on her end. Is she working and can't sneak and reply... i mean honestly. If this is the way its gonna be u have a lot of work ahead of u.

    • Yeah that's exactly what I thought , everyone has their phone besides em. Do you think she's playing games? Last week she had taken at least an hour ornaomtonreply but the reply were quality

    • U just dont know... could be she has her notifications off, i do that for various reasons. U unfortunately gotta relax alil.

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  • Mate I'm from Melbourne and to be honest with you these Aussie bread chicks bro!! They do my fn head in at times!! Anyway, I reckon you should NOT text her for a whole week maybe even 2 weeks just to get an understanding of where she's at. If she's interested then she will text you.
    Put yourself in her shoes bro, you're always texting questions re: at swinny today? Can i take you out next? She's got you by the thumb bro. Give her space, make her miss you and keep mysterious. Women need time to see if they're really keen on you then they'll make the first move next.
    If she doesn't then move on bro.
    Good luck mate all the best

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