Why is it hard for me to get women? Am I screwed?

I'm 19 and I'm at a disadvantage here. I'm like the complete opposite of what attractive women seem to be attracted to. They like tall men (5'10 or above), I'm a shrimp (5'6) what woman like a shrimp guy? They like outgoing/confident guy, I'm shy as hell and quiet. They like funny guys, I can't crack a joke or be funny to save my life. They like athletes like the star of football/basketball teams, I played football but I was no star. They like guys with high status, I'm the bottom of the totem pole in status. I play the piano and attractive girls may not find that attractive. They like guys with siblings, I'm an only child. They like guys who are hot/handsome, I'm ugly as hell. I workout in the gym and I'm no coach potato. They like guys with A LOT of money, however I am working but I dont have a lot of money. They like guys with a car, I ain't got a car. They like guys who has game and talks smoothly to attractive women, I stumble and get nervous. Damn I really am the opposite of what girls find attractive. Am i doomed to be single? Should call it quits? One more thing I ant attract the the attractive women with the average/pretty face with the attractive/average body. Do i also have to settle for an unattractive girl who doesn't care of herself too?


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  • Well, if you're not satisfied with yourself, change.


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  • Do you want advice, do you want to find a solution? So many times these post are full of advice only to have the original poster give a million reasons why he/she can't/won't instead of spear heading his issues.

    First of all, there are things you cannot control (height, only child etc...) which aren't necessarily deal breakers for everyone but you can't focus on that stuff because it doesn't matter, instead focus on the things you can improve.

    Every 19 year old male /female is full of insecurities, i promise you no matter what other kiddos in that age group try to project themselves... it's just the same ball of doubts and fears. So please know what/how you're feeling is very normal.

    Now, pairing your status in life and success in women can be a pitfall way to measure yourself. You should focus on two things: Self improvement and having fun.

    Self improvement: You need to ask yourself, what can you active improve on? It can be having more social interaction, career path or simply having a cleaner room... I promise you that if you challenge yourself everyday to spend a little time thinking of what it is you'd like to do, you keep chipping away and you will be a successful happy human.

    Having fun: put aside women for now... what makes you happy? I cannot tell you how much having a positive, supportive group of friends will make your life happier. Social events become easier and referral from friends in terms of new relationships is the smoothiest way to meet new people.

    So many of the post on gag are "How do i meet women?" It's not 1 line or a set of things to say or do, it's a compilation of choices that lead you to be able to form these types of relationships.



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  • I'm afraid you're screwed
    You're too old to find someone now, your life is over

    The only thing you have now are prostitutes and sperm banks

  • Thinking bad about yourself doesn't help at all. Be confident with who you are.