It's been 7 years and my boyfriend doesn't bring me around his friends?

Its been a very long time and my boyfriend goes to parties dinners bbq you name it any event and he doesn't bring me around his friends. Probably doesn't even know about me. And when I say friends girls and guys. I get it when he's with his guys friends it's a guys night. But when it comes to events I'm not there. But when it comes to family events I'm invited always. When I'm with my friends he knows most of them and always wants to pick me up or check in on how I'm doing. When I give him a call when he's out with his friends he doesn't pick up or even text back. Keep in mind that I don't know where he is.. so I wanna see what's up. I don't know, I don't like to compare but.. other couples hang out with mutual friends but when I look at our relationship I'm non existent. And the way I find out his hanging okay with his friends is by Snapchat... It's not a secret thing.. I'm just not included... Help?


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  • It sounds to me like he's not serious about the relationship. If I was in a relationship I'd want to introduce my woman to all of my friends (all four of them).

    • It's odd because we will hang out with highschool friends together and his entire family. But when its HIS friends it's just so different. You think your serious about our relationship but there's a different life he's living without you.

    • I understand how you feel and I'd feel the same way in your shoes.

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  • Maybe he just considers it a bad idea to mix them. It doesn't necessarily mean he is not serious about you.

    • Should I ask him why he doesn't mix?

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    • Well, he's probably doing it out of fear that his friends may not like you or you may not like them. He doesn't want drama. That's why he refuses to bring you around them.

    • True.. I guess I should let it be? Cause my friends and family find it odd and not normal.