What is it like to have a boyfriend in the army?

I'm dating a guy in the army and it seems to be moving into something serious. I feel like it will be different that being with a guy with a different job. Anyone here date a guy in the military?


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  • I was in the Marine Corps. Most of the guys get married really young in the service so be prepared for him to get serious very fast. I wouldn't recommend dating someone in their first term. Things can get really messy because of the distance and stress. First term guys are still getting treated like shit and are still learning how to deal with the stress and lifestyle. Can make for a bumpy ride in a relationship.

    • What does first term mean?

    • First enlistment. Usually goes off a 4 year contract unless he is airwing or something technical which is usually a 5-6 year contract.

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  • It's probably really difficult due to the whole distance thing.

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