How certain guys can get women and they had games I don't have it?

i look at guys talk to women then in about five mins later she already go with him. How u do that? I suck at talk to women cuz I don't have games lol


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  • They are more attractive than you, or they have a way with words.


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  • Just get used to asking girls out sooner. Strike up a chat, get their undivided attention, maybe get the girl laughing, and bam -- ask her to hang out later.

    Don't think of a date as a romantic proposal. Think of it as a super casual invitation to hang out more, almost "friendly".

    If you really don't care what she says, it comes off very innocent and confident to invite her to hang out. And that'll actually make you come off more attractive and also help to get a "yes".

    Enjoy the process of asking girls out whether or not they say "yes". Have fun with it and you can get the same kinds of results.