What should I do at 24?

Gosh i am really at my end here... this is probably the lowest point of my life. I am 24 years old and i literally have no one to back me up. I live with my mother and i secretly hate her because she lets my older sister who literally made everything worse still live with us at 29. I am so sad about my life, i have no friends,= due to trouble past, never had a boyfriend, i just feel like i dont feel like socializing anymore, i have nothing to bring to the table... i feel like... i am also to scared to move out on my own because i just dont know if i can handle being alone, with no friends... people will think i a weird for never having a boyfriend at 24? or sex? i feel really like an outcast... what should i do? move out or stay at home till i am done with my degree?


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  • no you aren't weird for being 24 and no boyfriend.
    I would not move out unless they are abusing you emotionally, mentally. I would get out of the house as much as possible so you get a different vantage point on life away form them... and build a base so you can move out. And no... I would not move in with a boyfriend... please do not mate or produce any babies right now... you are in no condition to raise them.

    What you do is go to church, develop a relationship with God to rebuild your heart. there you will find some support and hear and learn about Love so you can start building it inside yourself. Others will give something but we are all imperfect. God/Jesus are perfect so go there.

    Then start to develop friends as you become more healthy. Start to exercise... get into walking groups, biking groups. Start a business where you walk peoples dogs for them... lots of money, easy to do, little training required... so you start making $! And you are out of the house...

    Then start praying for your mom and sister... they are lost and sick and need help as well.

    Make this like a 6 -9 month plan to be better. Start tomorrow or this Saturday ok? Is this a plan you can implement or at least try? I dont' want to hear excuses... I want to hear what you can do.

    • Why notmove out?

    • My impression is you don't have a degree or a job and probably not much money, so how do you do that? Move in with a guy or a girlfriend... but that likely would be bad as well. Other opiton is homeless (no good), or move in with dad or relative (possible maybe?).

      If mom and sister continue to be emotionally abusive, I'd reconsider that and work to move out... Emotional abuse is worse than physical abuse... physical heals faster. Is it still going on... that they put you down and lower your self esteem, or are they pushing you to try and build you up and it just feels bad? If so, I know how I'd handle that, but won't be easy...

      definitely stay away from boys, you are not ready for one.

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  • I say finish your degree, adding the stress of living on your own, plus school while you're already experiencing depression is just pouring gasoline on a smouldering fire pit.

    However, don't feel bad, and don't feel alone. We all do things at our own pace, and while it may not be the social norm, it doesn't make you less worthy or defective in comparison to someone else. I say finish up your schooling and move out, try forcing yourself to get out into the world and make a positive change, make connections with others and eventually you'll find the right people. If not, you always have online forums. Like G@G!

    • i want to move out now!

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    • i have a rental room not a house.

    • Well ultimately, the decision is yours.

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  • Move on, break out of your shell, immerse yourself in the world.

    It'll be so scary to make the move since you get somewhat "institutionalized" by your own home and family environment.

    But if it has deprived you of a social life and filled you up with anxieties, you need to take a bold step if you don't want to end up being the same way 5 years from now.

    • Move on [/out], break out of your shell, immerse yourself in the world.

  • Omg I wish I could give you a hug because you sound just like me to a large degree. I have friends but me and my best friend have kind of moved away from each other and its caused a lot of emotional stress for me in the past year and a half. I've also went out with a girl but that was almost 4 years ago and it went nowhere. You should try to find something that makes you happy that you can do by yourself and work from there, Thats what I did.

  • Might be best to just stay home and tough it out until you finish your degree. As for not having anything to bring to the table, don't worry about that. Very few women do.


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  • Man I thought my life sucked...:: I'll be ur friend

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