Why do women care with height?

I'm a 21 y. o Swede. Actually I have Saami (a Uralic ethnicity living some parts of Scandinavia) origins. We are different from Swedes ethnically, we have mostly more later and longer puberty, I mean we are late bloomers. Because of being native people of the northest part of world.

I was always short in elementary school and highschool. I had zero interest of Swedish girls. I was about 1.65m and 15.

But, after 16-17 I had enormous height growth in my late puberty. Now I'm about 1.93m (even taller than your average Viking)

So, I think only reason I have more chance on dating is my height.
Why are women so heightist? Being taller didn't change my personality and mind. Are you so superficial to reject a nice, short guy?


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  • I would say that yes, taller men get noticed more at first. Is it the only think that matter? NO. You can't based a relationship on height.
    Hell, my boyfriend is very tall as well. Is this why I'm with him? no but I do find it attractive.


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