Should I text him I've booked my flight?

Hi guys,

I study in England but I'm home in Germany during summer. Shortly before I left for my summerbreak I spent 2 romantic evenings/nights with one of my classmates (no sex, just kissing and talking a lot.) It felt like we were both falling for eachothers quite hard. He even gave me his necklace when I left.
Unfortunately we haven't been texting a lot because he is not into social media and doesn't even use whatsapp (fairly old fashioned!)
The last time I've heard from him was mid. June. I haven't tried to contact him since then.
I think and dream of him all the time but I am afraid I'd do something wrong if I'd text him. I'm also afraid that he met somebody new and I'll be heartbroken...
But now I've booked my flight back to England (end of August) and I'd love to know if I'll see him again (+ what I can expect when I'm back) so I'm thinking of texting him. Just a short message, like "Hey how are you, just booked my flight back to England."

YES: Ofc you should write him
NO: Wait and see if he contacts you

I would say he's a bit shy (certainly NOT a very experienced guy who thinks he's the best - but still a cute guy with a very good sense for fashion)
I'm just really afraid I'm annoying him / making myself look "boring" if I text him again :/

Thanks a lot xx

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What Guys Said 2

  • He may be waiting to see if you contact him!

  • he probably is waiting for you cuz he dosnt want to seem needy


What Girls Said 1

  • better wishing you hadn't then wishing you had.