We would have been great together but?

I am in love with one of my closest friends and have been for a while. We have a strange relationship where a lot of things are unsaid because we don't want to ruin what we already have and I know that the reason nothing has happened is because we want different things.

We we are both in our mid twenties, met at uni 4 years ago and have stayed in close contact since then. I want a committed relationship and he is out enjoying being single. I am not naive to think that I can force him into a relationship and I don't want to as he isn't ready for any kind of serious relationship right now, as he's busy focusing on his career. Another negative would be that it would be long distance! It has always been on the edge of something, but neither of us ever takes the plunge.

Im just finding it difficult to move on from this almost relationship. I don't really get to meet anyone new where I live and I will always care deeply about him as a friend above all so I don't want to cease contact with him ( which I have tried in the past).

so what should I do now?


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  • Two choices. Let it make you miserable or accept it isn't meant to be


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  • I think you should give up. After all, he likes being single.