When is a good time to invite a guy to come spend the night?

I've known/dated this guy only for a month.
He just asked me out officially to be his girlfriend 2 days ago.
Anyways, we live on the opposite sides of town.
I wish I could see him more.
I actually just got a job literally 5 minutes from his house.
I was going to suggest that because our schedules might clash soon,
if he wanted to spend the night on one of his off days. Once I finish work, I pick him up, then we go to my apartment, since I have to go to work the next day and he lives so close, I could drop him back off. Or is this too early? I've already been to his home and we relaxed in his room without sex before. So when is the right time? Or is it too early?

  • I say go for it
  • I would say too early. Wait when you're at 5 months or so?
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  • A good time would be as you are finishing up dinner on your first date.


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