What does it mean that this girl I kissed on our second date touched her forehead to mine after I kissed her?

The date went pretty well so I decided it was time to kiss her as I drop her off at her house? We were in my car so I looked to her put my hands on her shoulder and went in for the kiss. We out for like ten seconds. I wanted to keep doing it but she suddenly backed away and brabed the back of my head and touched her forehead to mine. We stayed like for about 15 seconds (which was intimate in it's own way) until she backed away and said "we should do this again." then she left.
But was she not interested in kissing me any longer so she positioned herself to stop the kissing. Was she just not ready to make out too much yet?

  • She didn't want to go to far yet.
  • She doesn't like you.
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  • Sexy af!!! That's sooo intimate in my opinion, far more then making out at least as far as I'm concerned.


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