How to get female attention?

I want female attention, I want girls to ask me out, chase me, etc.

How do I do this?

I know I am not hot, or confident, or super rich... and I'm also am an introvert... :(

I just want girls to like me... I want to feel wanted and desired in this world... Not a single girl likes me :(

(Well I see some checking me out sometimes, but I'm really shy and if I do talk they don;t like me anymore...)


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  • 1. Be more attractive.
    2. Be interesting.
    3. Learn to fake confidence.
    4. Be charismatic.


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  • 1. Learn to pick up a guitar and start playing at event (social status boost)

    2. Go to gym, maximize on facial aesthetics

    3. Be born rich or become rich (if you have this alone you will get a girl)

    4. Do not WK women or chase them


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  • Be born into a rich family and have genes that put you in the top 2% of men physically.


    Be a scumbag thug. Deal drugs, have a long, preferably violent, criminal record. Being a two-bit 'musician' is a good option, too.

  • To be honest with your post itself you are sounding very desperate and let me tell you desperation is an unattractive quality.

    No woman will ever go for a guy who is always displaying desperation. There is nothing wrong if you want girls to ask you out, or to chase you. It can happen but for that you should be cool, you should be confident, you should just live your life.

  • You have to to get used to it like I did. I did a lot of trying to approach girls but they just wanted to me to get away from them since I am unattractive. Us unattractive guys are treated very bad by opposite sex. Get used to it.