Should this situation worry me?

So, I have been with my girlfriend for almost 3 years and she is the love of my life, I can't picture my life without her. but recently she has been hanging around with my best friend a lot, she went away for a week to his house (he lives in another town) that she's back he is staying at her house even when I leave... and when I am around neither of them really talk to me, they keep to themselves and talk to each other, am I just being paranoid or does this seem wrong to anyone else?


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  • No, that is not a good thing at all. What you have mentioned in your post is enough for anyone to think there is something very suspicious about all this.

    1. She is spending too much time with her guy friend, which is not a good sign.

    2. She went away for a week to stay in his house, for a week? that is very strange indeed.

    3. After she comes back he is staying at her house even after you leave. Definitely not a good sign at all.

    4. They are not including you in their conversations at all, so that could mean it is a deliberate attempt on their part to keep you away from them. It means they want their privacy.

    Hence no you are not being paranoid at all, there are enough points here for you to get paranoid and it's understandable.

    You never know maybe she has an intention to cheat on you, or she has an intention to take things forward with her best guy friend and eventually leave you. I am just these are the possibilities.

    Right now there is no proof that something maybe going on between them but her actions are very suspicious and does indicate an intention towards cheating.

    You should consider the possibility of breaking up with her. I am not saying you should break up with her right away, but keep the option of breaking up open, so that if you think that's right you can do that.

    • What should I do, ask, say to them about how im feeling?

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  • I'm sorry, dude, but that is extremely fishy. Based on what you said, it sounds like they may be having a romantic relationship behind your back. Why did she even go to his house for a week? That in itself is a red flag.

    • What should I ask them?

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    • If you don't want to buy one, there's an app called sound cloud that I use to record things sometimes. It's free. Good luck with this. 😓

    • Ok thnx

  • That is wrong. They should at least include you


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  • She's Fucking your friend.

    • You think so and if so what should I do?

    • I don't think so, I *know* so.

      There's only one thing to do: dump her immediately and cut your now-former 'friend' out of your life.

  • You know the answer to your question mate... you know it.

    At this point you're the odd man out... You're basically the 3rd wheel. 3's a crowd and you're the 3rd guy. And you're the boyfriend.

    Please mate, please... don't put on shades and blinders to the obvious.

    Good luck dude

    • But what should I do or say to them?

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    • You don't think I should say anything to the friend? ?

    • I think you should confront her first. She's your girlfriend and I don't know how long you've been friends with this guy for? And how close you guys are, but if he's a good friend then what he's doing is wrong. It all sounds fishy. Sorry
      But you really need to speak to her and then speak to him to

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