Please help? Pregnancy and date?

I left g@g before but I'm back because I need advice from multiple people. Here's the deal, I had sex with a guy I like and right a day after I started cramping and bleeding, I thought it was my period but it wasn't. My period was actually supposed to come around now but it didn't. We didn't use protection and I had diarreaha and have been really sleepy resently. I tried telling him this over the phone but he was mostly silent about it. I'm also 17 and he's over age (I won't mention his age though but he's above 21). He then told me this exaxtly, "I need to tell you something, I'll be in California for three months for family and working and I think it would be better for you if you talked to and dated other guys since I'll be so busy". I then asked him what's wrong multiple times and he told me "Nothing, you're a really sweet girl I just think it would be better for you and I'll hit you up before I leave for California, bye"

Any advice?


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  • You should see a doctor, that sounds strange and him saying that after is also strange

    • Yea I'm really confused as to why he would say that

    • Well I would definitely get checked out since that doesn't sound normal anyway to cramp and bleed the next day

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  • He only wanted to have sex with you and once he got what he wanted he wants nothing to do with you. You were used and he is an asshole.


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  • Yeah if your knocked up he definitely doesn't want anything to do with you if it happens. Also you're an idiot for not using protection or getting the plan B pill.

  • Well first you should probably get a test. And then whatever your results, positive or negative, you should tell the father. And if positive it's probably in your best interest to talk to your parents about it so they can help you. It may be a mess but, honestly, you have to live with the mess you make.

    • My mother already knows about it but I'm not going to a doctor until next week or so

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    • Do you have any advice on what the guy said?

    • The guy sounds like he just wanted to screw you and leave. The jerk.