Is she into me?

Is she into me?
(Btw we are in percussion it will help the mental image)

So this girl is a freshmen and i've only seen her for two days at band camp and im already always thinking about her asking myself "am i mixing up the signals or am i right? Is she into me!"

About her and the signals

so his girl has only been in our school district for one year now... she's aparently shy, but she has started talking to me which started this whole thing (now im not desperate, i was just suprised that she came out of her shell to talk to me?) then she has been sitting next to me a lot recently also... She hits my instrument all the time (she knows it annoys me, but i dont say anything...)

Why am i so confused?

now i'm a junior and she's a freshmen and she's already caught my interest which amazes me cause no one has done that except for the one girl who i became bestfriends with by accident (waited too long)

Also that moment when you relise your username is funkyninja...


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  • Actually it sounds more like she is your freind. Sorry buddy but your freindzoned. When women come out of their shell with someone it is never with a guy they like. Because then they become to vulnerable. Sorry take it from a guy with 4 shy female freinds. If you want to pursue her then have at her. She already trusts you and is out of her shell around you. Go for her start flirting and start acting like your courting her not just like her best freind. I wish you luck man. Just remember that she will get nervous when she realizes that your hitting on her. So it will take a bit to get her to open up again.

    • how should i start flirting then?

      I mean my problem really is that i will wait to long to ask her but i do not want to scare her away... I've only known the girl for two days I barley know anything about her the only thing I know about her is she is a shy kind girl how long should i wait before asking

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    • awsome you two go to the same school so there is not time limit pressure!

    • Thanks for MHO

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  • She is getting your attention, but I'm not quite sure whether it's just friendly or if she's interested in you.


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