Dating and a relationship?

Is there a difference?

How do you know when you are in a relationship as opposed to just dating?


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  • Since it is a different meaning to most people it may be something the 2 of you discuss.

    To me dating means you can see other people and you are not exclusive to each other. Hopefully you both know this and nobody is assuming this. When I was dating I was very clear that I was dating other people and not just the one person I was talking to. You can also have more limits and say fine see other people but do not have sex. I dated after long relationships ended and I did not want to get right back into something serious. When I told someone I was dating I did this usually on the first date whether it was going good or bad so the other person could make a decision on if they wanted to have sex with someone who may not be there for the long run. In most cases it allowed us to get to know each other better before jumping into bed the first night.

    When I got into a relationship I stopped dating other people.

    A relationship should at the very least mean you are not dating more than that person and definitely not having sex with other people.

    Again this is my definition.


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  • For me, dating is when you're going out with someone and/or sleeping with them. A relationship is when you're doing those things PLUS you are emotionally intimate with the other person. That takes at least 6-12 months.


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  • honestly its different for everyone. However my boyfriend and I actually said to one another that we wanted to be exclusive and start a real relationship together. We both said we were not dating other people nor did we want to. I guess if you haven't talked about it then either you could wait and ask him or maybe just feel him out a bit and see if he is even interested in seeing someone else other than you right now.

    Talk to him though, communication is key!

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