Is he a Fake Profile?

Met this guy on lovoo. We we had been texting there. We had exchanged watsapp, Startes only Talking there. He told me Quote a bot of Information where he fies To uni and stuff. It all Seemed real and genuine. He sent me his Instagram and it also seemed real nothing fishy really about it. We sent voice messages a lot and normal pics. We sexted a bit. Agreed we'd meet when I'm back in Town. I texted him when i was back he responded on the same day and gladly agreed to meet up and asked when I had time. I answered and said tomorrow. Since then a day has gone by and he hasn't responded despite being online a few times a day. Follow up? I don't really want to because it looks clingy and we've never met before

by the way even if he could today meet up I wouldn't be able to. Should I send him this as a follow up? That I can't today but tomoro?


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  • Tell him sex is a certainty and if he still doesn't want to meet up, he's fake.

    • Yeah but whats the point if he wants to meet asker only for sex. I think either way asker should find someone else.

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  • What are you looking for?
    if you want someone for sex/sexting, then don't worry about this one. He might be caught up with another woman./wife/gf...

    if you want a real relationship, don't start out sexting.

    Lesson - Don't put too much emphaises on one guy who is shady...


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  • Maybe he was using someone else's pictures and is afraid to show you what he really looks like. Or he was just playing with you


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  • How are we supposed to tell if his profile is fake?

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