This is a very common question; is he interested or not?

I'll begin with a little background info to this. I met a guy via mutual aquantainces... He was actually dating one of the girls and even if I found him attractive and interesting I never thought of him that way. He behaved like a gentleman and held company to me when the others were busy with their own discussions. The girl he was dating isn't really my friend, I just know her and sometimes we hang in the same circles.
The guy and the girl broke up a few years ago and I didn't see the guy after it.
A few months ago I got messages from him on an app and he asked me out. I didn't go because I had other plans and I thought it would be weird because of the girl. Days ago he asked me again out and I thought: why not?
It was a great date and he told me he wants to see me again and gave me something he is gonna want back. But he didn't text me after the date and when I texted him he was answering right away wuth many messages... But then he suddenly left me on read and I didn't even say anything weird. I just asked him a thing he had been talking about and he never replied.
Does this mean his interest stopped like in a wall? Or could it just be that he is a bad texter? It has almost been a week since we met... he is not in the same city most of the time so we can't meet for a while.

Thanks to those who read all this and bothers to give me advice :)


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  • Doesn't seem like he has lost interest. There is probably some other reason for him not responding. You need to talk to him about this.

    • But don't you think I should wait for him to contact me? I am usually not the one who starts the convo but if I am, I am not gonna do it twice in a row. This because of earlier experiences and because I am shy.

    • Well... earlier experiences don't matter, evefry human being is different.

      Also, if he doe snot reply after a few days, you may consider contacting him ONE FINAL TIME.

    • It is his loss. I have his property and he was the one wanting to meet me. I am not gonna start being clingy just because he is acting busy. I could maybe give him a week and if he contacts me after that the only thing he gets from me is his property. But if he contacts me I could ask him why he left my message unanswered. Why do I always get to know these kind of hot&cold men...

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  • He was prolly busy when he read your message and forgot to respond back.

    From the sounds of it he is interested but only time will tell. Best to just wait it out until he reaches out, otherwise he may have lost interest. (if you don’t hear from him again)

    • Sounds logical... But I don't get why some guys think you can have zero contact for a week and then text again like nothing happened. I think I am gonna move on if he is gonna stay quiet for a long time. Maybe I will bring him back his property but that's about it. Well... let's hope he contacts me a little sooner.

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    • Yeah! Thanks for your advice and understanding 😄 I am gonna wait a week and after that the only thing he gets from me is his property if he contacts me.

    • No worries! Feel free to reach out anytime and good luck chicka ;)

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