Why a lot of girls date a poor guys?

what you girls like?
are you happy with his dumb stuff?
what is the main reason to date him.


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  • Guys complain about women dating rich guys, guys complain about women dating poor guys, what's next? Guys complaining about women enjoying sex?

    • That's why the forum is created isn't it?
      To ask a questions we can't answer to ourself, based mainly on women logic.
      The next thing is what the guys are going to complain while having sex with you :P

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    • Nah bro nah, I ain't about the cheatin' life.

    • Yeah sure, I'm against too I'm just kidding.

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  • Maybe those girls just concentrate on the personality of the guy, the inner beauty more than anything else.

    • If this is the way they look okay, but basically most of them look for the advantages.

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  • I have no idea

  • Me personally don't mind if he's poor or rich
    That doesn't tell me nothing
    If he's rich OK
    If he isn't it's the last thing I worry about and maybe I don't worry about that at all

    • Yes you're still young.

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    • Oh sorry to hear that
      Maybe I'll change too but I hope not cause I like my ideals this way not different

    • The life changes people and this is unpredictable.

  • I like a boy who knows grammar. Money isn't a big deal.

    • So I know grammar.

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    • @phoenix2000 The difference is that I may know that I have mistakes in my grammar.
      but at least I don't show myself as the best one in that. But once you look more at that good luck, hopefully you find the most clever guy with 0 mistakes in him as a person and at all.

    • I forgot to say that I was referring to the opinion owner
      To the girl

  • from my experience of 'rich men' they feel entitled to a lot and have girls throwing themselves at him. by society he is deemed desirable yet is able to treat you terribly and get away with it. A poor guy doesn't have extravagance to offer and from experience is nicer. of course this is a mass generalisation.


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