Will I ever get a girlfriend?

i am a good looking male who gets looks wherever I go by almost any women but my problem is more with myself. I have Aspergers and add so I can never make eye contact for more than a few seconds. is this a deal breaker for ladies? girls how important is eye contact? it gets worse, I just come off like a not so normal person. My conversations stray off topic all the time and people usually laugh at me because they find my personality and things I said to be ''funny''. They aren't laughing WITH me they are laughing AT me. my friends are my friends because I make them laugh but im not trying to this is just who I am and I get very offended at them laughing because they are laughing at my syndromes im not trying to be funny!! there is this one friend who always wears a beanie and I just want to smack him so hard it falls off his head because he laughs when I tell him to stop but Im a good person so I control myself on a more personal level women have flirted with me almost any time they chat with me but For some reason I just cannot take it further and I avoid them after that conversation. I am now out of highschool and I feel like my chances of reproduction is over. I also feel like my parents failed me. They let this happen. do you think I need medication? or counseling? These steps should have been taken while I was a kid. if I take medication would that even be more of a deal breaker? It would kind of be like running away from myself and anybody who is with me will like me when Im medicated and not me.

although If I do take meds I would probably appear more normal, I am just scared of what would happen to me if I turn to these meds.
well actually it isn't ''medicine'' because it isn't curing anything, it is just hiding my problems and putting up a facade. Oh and I am also extremely intelligent do the ladies like brainy guys?


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  • Hi I have aspergers too and I have a girlfriend... so it can work.. don't give up.


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  • Unless you put yourself out there, then no