Guys, can you explain your texting habits?

Guys, if you have feelings for a girl you're dating/casually dating/otherwise, do you contact her daily or do you sometimes miss a day or two?

I have plans to spend the weekend with this person so it makes sense that we wouldn't be talking so much on a day-to-day basis, but since it's so early I worry if he's lost interest.

Should I not put so much weight on texting?

  • I text her daily
  • No reason to communicate on a daily basis
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  • It's a bit early you say, so I wouldn't worry. I personally don't need constant testing (i. e. daily), but I know it varies person to person. I like my personal space sometimes, and I give him his space. Of course, if he needed to talk or something, I would answer as soon as I could. That's usually how they respond with me as well.


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  • I don't really care for texting. I'd rather see someone every day than just tap letters onto a screen.

    • What if you just met a girl you really, really liked? Would you still carry on the same texting habits or would you want to keep in contact with her more often?

    • I'd call or email. I hate texting more than you can imagine. If I ever do text, it's only through Google Voice.

  • im always the one that messages when i want and it drives bishes crazy.

    • HA! What do you mean? Like you are in full control of the channels of communication?

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    • i dont like it, too clingy and annoying

    • I wouldn't consider myself clingy. I'm too afraid that I will appear needy or clingy so I think I try to do the exact opposite of what you're talking about. Clinginess and neediness is something I see a lot in women who have serious self esteem issues. Unfortunately, that's a very common problem so you see it all over.

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