Girls, when does a guy become too intentional with you that it becomes a turn off?

I remember a while ago when I went on a date with a girl. Given it was a fun date, I found out from a mutual friend that I was too intentional with her and I guess I didn't shoot the shit enough.

My thing is that I go into a date to get to know a girl about her life and ask her a bunch of questions and try to let her talk most of the time. I enjoy deeper conversation instead of superficial ones. But at what point does it become too much and is a turn off? I know I've heard a lot of girls that have enjoyed a guy asking about her life and showing that he cares but when does it become overdone?


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  • If you do that in every date, it can end up being boring. Did you attempt to kiss her? Were you flirting with her?


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  • When it becomes an interview, or when she's just not attracted to you.

    • Then why did she agree to a date in the first place if she wasn't attracted to me

    • I thought you were talking about the general case which includes girls going on dates with guys they've never met in person, or only years ago, or when they've been pressured by friends or trying to politely ditch the guy after a date because she couldn't say no when he asked her out, etc...

    • No I'm talking about when I've met that girl and had a cool conversation and then I decided to ask her on a date.