I hurt boyfriend emotionally and now I'm hurting from it?

He doesn't think I love or trust him now. Because I brought up some stuff about my ex. I can tell he's giving me the cold shoulder... I don't know what to do? I'm afraid I'm going to lose him or this going to put a big dent a in our relationship. I'm really scared I'm losing him :'(

He thinks I'm in love with my ex


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  • I am hoping you both will be able to talk this through. Communication in concise terms is so important, not only within a relationship, but also if you're tying to repair one. Don't beat about the bush. Say it as it is.

    If he won't talk about it, then perhaps you are better off without him, as it's childish and playing immature games to give yu the cold shoulder. He shold either be willing to talk, or if he feels it can't be repaired, then he should finish it. Not leave you in limbo.


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  • Just go and apologize then.


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