Feeling strange about new relationship... MEN in particular, can you help?

Basically, I've been seeing this guy for around 2 months now.

Let me just say, he's lovely and I really like him. In the beginning, he was extra attentive towards me, really loving and sweet and all the rest.

Im not saying that he isn't any of the above now? But perhaps for maybe the past 2 weeks, I've been feeling a bit down and feeling like something isn't quite right.

We talk everyday over text and see each other neatly everyday. It's just, when I see him face to face, I'm finding him a lot quieter at times. He told me a while back he gets quiet when grumpy.

Last night, I asked if he was ok and he just said 'yeah, I'm glad you're here and why wouldn't I be ok?'

Maybe im overthinking, but I've just been feeling a bit off about stuff. I still really like him, but I feel like there's something up and can't put my finger on it.

Any advice at all, guys?

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  • Guys usually try to handle issues for themselves so even if he says he is ok it doesn't mean there is nothing on his mind.

    I would observe it further and see if it changes or not. If it keeps going like this you will eventually have to have a serious talk, because either somethings really eating him up or he isn't as invested as much into the relationship as you think.

    For now though just give him time and see if it goes away by itself.

    • Ok, thank you. Maybe it's just me though since I usually have a hard time with relationships :/.

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  • When you feel that one, you are usually right.
    It doesn't necessarily mean he has done something wrong, it could also be he is struggling with his own issues so I wouldn't jump to conclusions.
    Depending on how open and honest both of you are, he will open up to you and tell you what is wrong. How much trust is there in this relationship?
    Anyways, talk to him and get him to open up.

    • Thanks for the advice. I'd say there's a lot of trust? We're pretty honest with each other.

    • Right, so if you are both comfortable with each other this way then he will open up to you eventually. You do see each other every day so you already know him very well to tell when there is something wrong.

    • Thankfully I found out what was up :)

  • maybe your the common lesbian and a guy doesn't do it for you.

    • ... and that would be the reason why I feel things are off? Seems legit.

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    • oh my bad i didn't read it right, perhaps the real trouble is because your feeling down and he takes it as your losing interest in him and you not caring about him, guys dread that rejection because its too common, thats why he's being distant with you, so bring the love back girl, plus he doesn't know what you want and how you feel, so tell and show him.

    • Sorry. I just got so confused when you were calling me a lesbian... I was like... whut? Haha. I felt so down 2 weeks ago I told him I was beginning to freak about our relationship, so I don't know. I mean he's not being too distant? He's still being physically close, just not as emotionally close as I've known him to be. But thank you, maybe this problem is up to me to fix :)

  • he's prob just still in that shy phase
    Try speaking on fhe phone more instead of texting that might help move it along

  • If you feel that way then there could be since something has changed and made you aware of it but it may take time to figure it out if he won't say

    • Or what if the problem's maybe with me and I just don't know what it is yet? :/ I hate feeling like that.

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    • Once you're with him longer maybe you can get him to up more

    • Yeah, perhaps.

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