Why do guys show lots of interest in a girl and then quickly move on?

I've seen this happen with many, many women, for seemingly many reasons. And it's happened to me, no matter what I did

  • Thrill of the chase
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  • He was never that in to her
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  • Trying to sleep with her
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  • He's like that with everyone
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  • She did something wrong
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  • She did something wrong and girls always do something wrong
    examples of what girls do wrong
    -lack or no initiative
    -expects and only wants the guy to do everything
    -lack or no showing sexual desire
    -lack or no love, not showing affection
    -only goes for alpha male bad boy player jerks, instead of the nice guys
    -expects guys to be confident
    -goes for guys who are rich or have things going for them
    -too slow to decide on love and sex
    -no communication
    -is a stuck up snob
    -plays dumb and innocent
    -not his type aka personality wise
    -shes bi-sexual
    -doesnt commit
    -doesnt approach and ask the guy out
    -doesnt show and tell a guy her desires and what she wants of him
    -thinks guys have to show interest first etc


Most Helpful Girl

  • I've done that to guys a lot. It's usually because I decided he isn't worth my time

    • Yup happens both ways lol. I used to get sad when chicks did this to me then i realized quickly that I do this too, it happens its life...

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  • None of the above. Usually it's because he doesn't think she's the right one for him. Women are the same about that

    • What if he did it right after telling me he loved me?

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    • Horny more like it

    • LOL well that makes me feel good!!!

  • I think somewhere between "He was never that in to her" and "He's like that with everyone". I would imagine guys like this would be hitting on lots of girls simultaneously and then choosing their favorite among whoever agrees or seems like the most surefire deal. Or maybe all of the above.

    • If the girl seems hard to get, for example, he might quickly move on.

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    • He told me he loves me, asked me to be his girlfriend, said he'd do anything and wanted to do long distance. Then he started distancing himself, making excuses as to why he couldn't hang out (all the while saying he still loves me). Then I guess I texted him asking what was up a bit much, and he continued to blow off our plans, then broke up, saying the relationship was too much for him even though he made all the commitments

    • He sounds either like a dumbass or a player.

  • Well, if a guy lot of interest in a girl and moves on quickly means he never wanted anything serious to do with her. He was only looking to flirt with her, he just wanted some fun that's all.

  • I'll vote that he found out something with her that he did not like. It might be her personality, a quirk, or he learns that she flakes out.

  • because there is no equal interest.

  • Cause she's probably a headcase and a waste of time, like most are in my opinnion

  • Because they saw no interest from the girl? Believe it or not most men are not for wasting their time.

  • There's too many women to bone, it's like a game of Pokemon Go.

  • Almost always it's because she didn't show enough interest back. You see girls have to do SOMETHING.

  • Its either the chase or she did something wrong.

    Sadly I've done it twice. The first one was a complete book worm. Literally everyday at home reading books. That threw me off and i didn't persue any further.

    The second girl would text me back every 5 hour with 3 worded sentences. After 3 days of i just had enough. Turns out she was really into me. And i texted her when i knew she had nothing to do!


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