Can you be too much of a "pervert"?

So my girlfriend of 10 months or so sits down next to me and says, "Are you like a huge pervert"?
Me being a little confused by the question ask how does she mean? She knows I'm a male, she knows that I find other people on this planet to be attractive... I mean, who could honestly say that they only see one person as attractive?

She clarifies the term "huge pervert" as someone that "looks" or tries to look really hard. I think this all came about cause we were watching prank videos by some British guy named Julis Dein, who's Girlfriend turns out to pretty attractive. And she noticed that I thought the woman was attractive.

She say's I have bad taste, and that it somehow makes her feel less attractive. That she doesn't want to be with me anymore because I'm "easy", and a pervert.

Not really sure how to respond, or what to think. Can you be too much of a pervert? Am I doing something wrong?


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  • Yes, you can. If I were your girlfriend, I'd be bothered with it as well.


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  • You can only be too much of a pervert if your sexuality causes someone harm or exceeds the boundaries of the law. Being a regular "pervert" in and of itself is to be encouraged, IMHO. The stuff you describe is normal.

    Ask her if she is only attracted to one kind of man and if you dropped dead, would she never have sex with any other man?

    • Well, the thing is she admits to finding other men as attractive. What she is griping about is that the quality of those I find to be attractive is not up to her standard or some shit like that. So because I find them to be attractive, and she doesn't think they are good looking she see's herself as unattractive based on my standard...

      Sorry if that makes absolute ZERO sense.. cause it doesn't to me either.

    • Yeah, that's why I suggested you ask her if she is only attracted to one type. You are attracted to more that one type of woman. That's not perverted, it's normal.

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