Girls, which of these pictures would be the best to use in a dating profile?

So girls, which of these pictures would do the job of intriguing you and piquing your interest in a guy more than the others? Which picture would give the guy the best chance of getting a date with you? And why?

  • Casual
    21% (3)
  • Smart Casual
    21% (3)
  • Formal (kind of)
    50% (7)
  • Cosplay
    8% (1)
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I'm a Girl
by the way, for further clarification, this guy isn't me (if it were, I'd have posted this in the "How do I look?" topic instead). I'm just pondering which general style I'd be better off emulating, that's all...


What Girls Said 3

  • The casual one would be best for the main picture. I think they're all good though, and the joker cosplay one is fun (just not as the main pic).

  • C WITHOUT the hat 😊

    • I second C without the hat lol, as one of the pictures you use at least.

  • Don't put the cosplay one on there. It's always a turn off when guys put pics in costume... I want to know what they actually look like.