Is he a F-boy or have I just complicated things?

We've been seeing each other for 9 months now, he's 23 I'm 24 and I've fallen for him, however I'm not sure about his sentiment, here is why.
We aren't exclusive (I don't like labels), but he's told me he wants us to be several times, I keep saying he's young and I don't want to tie him down out of obligation and then change the subject-he gets upset about this. He's said that he wants to marry me and have kids and no girl has made him feel like this, all the time. He says he is in love with me (he was the first one to say it), but he only says it now when he thinks I'm slipping away from him.
I want to believe what he says is true but his actions make me think otherwise. Like he still parties with other girls in hotels & clubs with his friends- says he doesn't hook up with them but all his friends do, because he's not interested He still talks to other girls (the ones he parties with)-gets nudes and dirty talk with them etc (he's told me & shows me). Sometimes he'll ignore me for days, then he'll do something cute and books us a mini vacation. He'll spend time with me but a lot of it now is just centred around sex. He gets jealous of my male friends and thinks I want to be with them instead of him.
I get we aren't exclusive so technically he's not doing anything wrong but if you loved someone and wanted to be exclusive with them, wouldn't you be without labelling it or is that just me? (Because I'm not sleeping with anyone and I'm only interested in him, I've told him that several times).
It makes me think he's a F-boy who has just played me really well, because that is what is holding me back from verbally committing to him, his words aren't matching up with his actions, so what do I do with all of this?


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  • Kinda sounds like an extreme fuckboy.. Are you giving him the puh? If you are you're only human I get it buuttt he's displaying some serious fuck boy qualities. And most importantly his actions are weak... then he tries to blind you with mini vacas to make you think he's trying. Then he's using that high school freshmen line about giving you babies and promising you a future? If you commit you'll be a glorified wife piece.


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  • Honestly I don't know. On one hand it feels tactless of him to go out of his way to show you he's sexting other girls and getting their nudes. On the other hand, you're not officially exclusive so he's free to do whatever he wants, and you're essentially enabling that kind of behavior by saying some bullshit about not liking labels. If you don't want this thing to have a label then you can't expect him to be exclusive, even if YOU aren't seeing anyone else. If you're not seeing anyone else and you don't plan on doing so, then why not just make it official? Clearly that's what you want since you're not seeing anyone else and you get upset when he texts other girls.
    Who knows, maybe he's just acting this way because he knows you don't want to be official, and he thinks he might as well just fool around with other girls since nothing is stopping him.

    • Thanks Hun, this helps!

    • No problem. Even if he sees a future with you, he might think it's pointless to be exclusive with you when you say you don't want to be exclusive. Just talk to him about it and ask him if he'd stop sexting with these girls if you were official. Then maybe consider becoming official with him if it bothers you so much.

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  • he's playing you, straight up your totally right he can't act a certain way and say certain things and to behonest all of that sounds childish what i mean is if he really loved you you would feel it and know and would even have to think otherwise

  • he's not serious about getting married.

  • How is he "young". He's one year younger than you, in his early 20's


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  • -he says he wants to be with you. His told you his loved you once before
    -you don't want to label it anything. Whenever he brings that subject up you disregard it
    -his partying with his mates and random girls
    -he shows you pictures
    -he'll ignore you for days but then plans a mini vacation for the both of you (so you are blind sighted)

    The guy seems dodgey. Are you sure you don't want to give it a label? You don't but he does. The relationship is evolving around sex. Doesn't that give you alarm bells?

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