Guys, Im curious but guys answer okay do you think its okay for a heavy set women to describe herself as curvy when she's really heavy set?


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  • Not really, there's a big difference. I guess they would obviously do it because curvy is considered sexy by a lot of guys so they try and get in on that, but yeah.. Big difference. I find people who constantly describe themselves whether that be fit, curvy, skinny or whatever annoying tbh, I can see what you are and you telling me what you think you are just sounds like you're insecure.

    • Hey bro thanks for that becouse I've been hearing a lot of girls say that about themselves and i feel thats false you shouldn't be trying to get soneones attention with descriving your sepf wrongly just my opinion, i hav w no prob with gilw over weight im. just curious like im skinnny id feel dumb telling a gurl im athltic when im really just skinny becousw she will see on her own anyways why lie?

  • Is it ok? Yes. Free speech.
    But is it correct? No. Is it stupid? Yes.

    • I get the free speech but i feel like thats false advertising lol especially if its on line and then you meet, i mean id be pissed just saying..

    • It is without a doubt false advertising.

    • Hell yea thanks i kinda felt bad for thinking like that but i dont lie about how i look why hould they