Sex after over a year of not having any?

Hi all,

Bit of a weird one here!!

26 year old woman who is a single mother to a toddler daughter.

I work full time and support myself completely, 100 percent financially independent. I also look after myself and the male attention I receive hasn't been any different to what it was before I had my child. Younger guys tend to be completely shell shocked when they find out I have a child.

I have been seeing a guy from work (2 years older) and pretty likely we will have sex this weekend.

The problem? I haven't had sex since my child was conceived which was over a year ago (and some you get the picture)

Reason for this is because my ex who I had a long term relationship left me when he found out I was pregnant and all my energy has been where it should be , on my daughter. Also, before this guy I just haven't cone across anyone that I really, really, really want sexually. I figure because of my situation I don't have time to date anyway so essentially I've just waited til the right person came along, I didn't go looking.

He knows I haven't had sex in so long, he says he feels its weird in the sense he doesn't understand how I have gone that long lol, but it doesn't bother him. I have all kinds of concerns I can't share with him, like would sex be the same since I have had a kid etc... And my body has changed very slightly , you can not tell at all when I'm dressed but obviously I know what I look like naked!! In saying that on holiday this year I was happy to rock a bikini and again people couldn't believe my son was mine, so guessing maybe I should worry less

Essentially I really like this guy and want to sleep with him so much, but I am worried because of all my in securities I will ruin the moment!

Part of me feels I should call it off coz of this but I would be gutted to miss out on him, so now my heads in a mess!

Ergh, sorry for long post :/



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  • What's the worst that can happen? Serious question. Don't answer me, answer it for yourself.

    Now, how does that impact your life?

    These things are so insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Don't deprive yourself of a good fuck for vanity reasons.

    • Thanks. All sorted and completely great and normal. Finally back in the swing of things can't believe I was so worked up!! Thanks ))))

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  • Things will be normal... I take it you still use other things such as our rabbit friends for instance? :)

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