Why do girls not respond to me when I approach them?

I see all these girls on here talking about how guys complain about not getting girls when they don't even put and effort into approaching them. Yet when I do approach girls it seems like picking up the laundry or getting home to play with their dog is almost always more important than meeting a new guy.

I can get dates easily enough with girls I get classes with or meet through female friends but if none of these girls interest me I have to look elsewhere. Then I have to start approaching girls on the street, at the mall, cafe etc yet I get treated like I was comitting some sort of social faux pas when really I'm just trying to improve my dating life.

You get so many women complaining that guys who approach them are creepy, make perverted comments about them, objectify them and won't take no for answer.

I approach girls I am a perfectly chill guy, am legitimately interested in getting to know the girls I approach, and talk to them respectfully like I would with a female friend. Nope, I get shot down just as easily as guys who go up to girls saying "Nice ass, whats your number?"

And it's not that I expect girls to immediately be attracted to me just based on the fact I'm a decent dude and have my shit together. It's more that I expect them to at least give me a chance. To respond when I try and interact with them. but it seems even that is too much to ask for.

Please don"t answer saying "because these girls aren't attracted to you" since I've already stated why it isn't as simple as that.
Thanks for the helpful answers gag. It's great to see I can rely you guys not


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  • You came on too strong, she doesn't find you attractive, your game sucks, she's on her period, you're a creep. Could literally be a million things so just keep tryin until you find one

    • Lol THIS is why I ask questions on q&a sites, people. So that people can share advice that their dads once told them

    • Yah fam keep hustlin

    • indeed

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  • I really have no idea. Nothing in your question adds up. If you really are a decent and chill guy, I would definitely at least talk to a guy like that who approached me to see if there's something there. So I honestly couldn't tell ya. Sorry bud

  • It's simple. Those who do not respond are not attracted to you.

    • It's not that simple. Almost every girl I ever dated wasn't attracted to me immediately they fell for as they got to know me. With some it took a few days or weeks. With others it took a few minutes of talking. My problem is that the girls who don't respond to me at all. They shut me down and excuse themselves before we can really talk. BEFORE they can get to know me enough to be attracted to me. And way too many girls do this.

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    • Lol good luck living in a delusional world!

    • Free advice: next time, think before you say such stupid shit as "because they aren't attracted to you" or any stupid shit in general. It's a good way to avoid embarrassment.

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  • With the current social climate (street harassment stuff) it is not going to be easy for men to honestly approach girls on the street. Most girls will near immediately dismiss your advances as another dude.
    That said, it may be your approach.
    To get girls with cold meetings, you need to be bombastic in your approach. As in, you have to be larger than life awesome and show your best qualities, because of the short time frame you do have.

    • If that's the case, then it isn't my approach that's the problem, but that girls expect too much. I'm aware enough to know that I'm not doing anything wrong perse. So first guys have to be the one doing the initiating/approaching. To put in all the work. Which I really don't have a problem with. But instead of that being enough, we have to impress them literally off the bat Wow, girls don't ask for much do they?

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    • So when you say "be bombastic, be larger than life and show your best qualities" what you mean is "offer a handshake"?

    • Yeah dude, I was asking very specifically about "showing your best qualities right away". I don't know how giving me basic generic approach advice addresses that. And I wasn't even asking for help with going on the actual date. Sorry :/