I want to move, he doesn't?

My boyfriend and I are getting serious, and we've been talking a lot about our future, children, careers, etc. However, when it comes to location, that's when the problem kicks in.

I want to move to *state I desire*, but he doesn't. He wants to stay here and begin our future here in *state I despise*, but I absolutely hate it here, and *state I desire* is so nice, beautiful and 10x better in every aspect than the state I live in (weather, education, etc.). I've been dreaming of living there and attend collage there as well. I want to start fresh and it's the ideal place to start a family, rather than the state I live in now.

His reasons is because of family. He's close to his gigantic family, and has numerous cousins, uncles and aunts that he's all close to and they all live here. He doesn't want to leave them - whereas I, am the total opposite. I want to get away from my parents, and I've never been close to my small family, as they are scattered across the country and hate each other.

I've tried convincing him, and I tell him how much I would love to move, but he's just so strong about staying here with his family. It's "sorry, but I'm not going anywhere."

I've told him that we could always come back and visit during holidays, but that still won't change his mind.

I feel like I should end it, because it feels like a waste of time being with him if he doesn't share the same ambitions as I do. Or should I try to convince him more? Or do I just sacrifice my dreams to fit his?


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  • I get your serious, how many more years of college do you have? Perhaps you can still hold a good relationship and then see what you guys think when you're done. Its hard for someone to give up that kind of thing when they are indeed to close knit, but I always say don't knock it till you try it, even if it means you guys moving to your state for a year and then if he doesn't like it at least he tried. I don't think you can convince him but perhaps try offering that option.


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