Why do boys cut us off?

A boy and i met a few days ago on tinder (lol) and started texting and snapping. He seemed to be really into me and I was really into him. The second night of us talking, I went to a party. I asked him earlier if i could text him while i was there and if i drank and stuff just cause some people don't like that ya know. Anyways when i got there i made the mistake of sending him pictures of the items on tables at the party (i didn't do any of the items but i guess he doesn't believe me) and he didn't reply. Now, he's opening my snaps and not replying and blocked my number? So my questions are what do i do? and why do boys think its cool to cut us off so quick but if we cut them off they'll keep going and going?


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  • Hmmm the stuff on the table he might of thought it was drugs?

    • it was and i told him it was and i told him i didn't do them but he doesn't believe me

    • Hmmm, tell him again it's his problem, however if he does't believe you. He may have also thought that he doesn't want to associate with someone who is friends with people who deals drugs? Just a thought might not be true

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  • So there were most likely drugs on the table...

    I'd cut you off too in an instant. I don't deal with that lifestyle, whether or not you actually do them

    As for your cutoff question, you're doing the same you're accusing guys of

    • I mean you're right, i am doing the same but at least i tell a guy the reason. Most of you just brush us off like we're nothing.

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    • y'all lead us on claiming you "want us" 20 minutes before you cut us off.

    • And women do the same thing
      Don't sit here and act like this is a gendered issue

  • What items were they?

    • just crushed up adderall... like my friend asked me to crush them for her so i did and accidentally sent him a snap. doesn't believe me that i didn't do them.

    • Ah adderall. I wouldn't date someone who abused that shit but as you said you didn't use it then I don't see why he wouldn't believe you. But It also could be an excuse as he might already be wanting to cut you off.

  • he gave more importance to his ethics than you... so that's what guys with self respect do.

  • Guys are hunters. When we lose interest in one prey, we find another.

    When a prey we want eludes us, we continue to hunt it.


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