Should you take online dating serious?

I feel like such a chode when I try to write something genuine and sincere for these dating sites. Here's my most recent tinder bio -

I honestly feel like Pokemon Go might be a better dating app than this...

A little bit about myself- I'm a father of 32 different kids (all different mothers 😜 because I be setting up franchises) I'm allergic to sunlight, work, touch, responsibility, pop music, cheap food, cheap tricks, cheapskates and gold diggers.

In my spare time I like to sniff glue & take adderall while finger painting pictures of sheep.

And ah... I love bad bitches that's my fucking problem.

How can you say no to this?

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  • Hot pics are all that matters
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  • What you wrote is kind of funny but mostly wack, people suck they'll probably say no because of it
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Photon rays


Most Helpful Girl

  • 32 kids, wow!

    • All different mothers too!

    • I know right. I can't imagine how you manage to meet them

    • Maternity ward

Most Helpful Guy

  • The 4 rules:

    1) be attractive (in your pics)

    2) don't be unattractive

    3) always have zero expectations

    4) don't ever let it get into the way of meeting people in real life

    • Yeah even my model manslut friend says online dating sucks... He'd rather go out than use it.

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  • yeah that's not really going to get you any good attention. if you aren't going to take it seriously then why bother doing it? you know what i mean? sort of seems like a waste of your time

    • yeah, I can't really excel in the online format, me and a buddy are going to be going out to different place more often.

  • You won't be tasting the punch from the sweet poonberry tree...

    • I already changed it, it was funny for a moment but I know stupid write ups get you nowhere unless they are short and sweet... Besides hot pics are all that matters.