Men, what is the worst piece of dating advice you've heard?

Some women go through incredible lengths to bag a boyfriend. Often we read dating advice which tells us how to act in order to maintain "healthy" relationships with men.

Would you call BS on any of these pointers?


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  • Women don't care about looks. - They do, a lot, probably more so than men.

    Women want to get approached. - They do want to be, but only by guys they are actually attracted to, so if she's not giving you any signals, leave her alone.

    Dumb shit rules like don't text/call for 3 days after getting her number. - Obviously retarded, as if any girl that genuinely likes you is going to be put off by you wanting to talk to her.

    Its all about confidence. - No, while being outgoing and confident will result in you meeting more people which will likely help meet girls, its not going to make anyone who thinks you are ugly, weird and boring suddenly find you attractive.

    • I just reread the question and think I might have answered it wrong lol. Did you want an opinion on the dating advice given to women or the advice given to men?

      I guess the answer either way is no dating advice really works as attraction is mostly about the way you look.

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    • HA! Sorry about that!! Confidence is actually a very sexy thing for me, but it isn't required. However, there isn't a whole lot more attractive to me than a below average-looking man full of spirit and happiness. Know what I mean?

    • That's okay. And no, not at all lol. As an ugly guy I've learnt how I act has almost no bearing on the reactions I get from women.

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  • I call BS on all of it. Act like... yourself! If a man isn't interested in that, then why would you want a r/ship with him in the first place? You'll just your time and his until he figures out what the real you is. If he wanted the real you, he would've wanted you from the start.

    My dating advice: chose to be with the people who see you as you wish to see yourself, who bring out the you that you want to be.

  • "Be yourself."

    Greatest gag every pulled when it comes to dating.

    • meaning "be yourself" is the worst advice? So what is the alternative?

    • You hide the crazy and freaky stuff.

    • HA! Love it

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  • "Be yourself" :p