Is he just avoiding answering bc he doesn't like me, or bc I confuse him, or bc he wants to be in control/ not acknowledge I asked?

1. 6 Months after we met through mutual friends hung out in circles as friends, He asked me out. I was not dating at the time. So i said i really like him, but i can't. I guess he thought i was just saying that, so he asked me a few more times, but i was like really no i can't. So lets say about 5 times he asked over the course of a summer.

2. Then a year later, ready to date, I asked him out. Not really expecting a yes bc id turned him down BUT just in case bc id always liked him. He said he liked me, but he's not sure and he'd get back to me.

3. 1 month later, He asked me out. While I still liked him I had taken his response as a rejection, so i was caught off guard. Plus i was in classes, so it was a bad time, So i said i can't.

4. 1 month later after classes finished and we were still on talking terms, I asked him out. He acted like i'm being confusing and seemed a bit annoyed. Then again, he said he likes me but he doesn't know. Hell get back to me.

5. 1 Month later he asks me out again but again i felt like he blew me off and i had decided to move on. I still liked him, but I wanted to stick to my moving on decision, but that was based on him not liking me so i didn't know what to say. So I said i can't.

6. 2 weeks later, as a last ditch attempt i was definitely going to walk away if he didn't say yes. I asked him out one last time. He wouldn't even respond to me. Then he just asked why i was asking- As if i was being confusing. (Why does he think?) I was annoyed by that bc obviously im asking bc i like him and everything is fucked up and im trying to make sense of things, or move on. So i said its obvious, and walked away.

Since he didn't answer-accrding to plan- i'm supposed to move on. Now he's trying to hang out alone. I feel like by spending time with him, im saying its OK to just ignore the fact i asked him out. Which it isn't.

He just seems to not want to ACKNOWLEDGE my gesture. Why wouldn't he say No. Or yes?

  • You look untrustworthy. I wouldn't date you. But he also looks flaky. You guys need to get your sh*t together. And not with each other.
  • It looks like a miscommunication. These things happen. Especially at your age with little experience. BUT , if you seriously want to date tell him, otherwise leave him alone.
  • He seems genuine. You seem untrustworthy, controlling. Leave him alone.
  • I can tell you are trying. He's controlling, playing games. Move on.
  • Other.
  • You are both control freaks. Seek help.
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  • Too many games, no one wants date someone who isn't even sure if they are ready to date.

    • you're saying were both playing games or i am?

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    • THANK YOU!

    • You're welcome

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  • He wants you to stop.